Friday, July 27, 2007

Crash Needs Surgery

Crash, our Indianapolis Kitty, is scheduled for surgery as the break in his leg is so severe that pins cannot be used. Instead, the vet will use wire to reconnect and hold together the bones in Crash's legs. Our prayers are with you Crash.

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angela said...

Hi this is his foster mom. Edmund did great during the surgery. One leg had already begun to heal and did not require any additional repair. The other leg was in better shape than the original x-rays indicated. The vet only had to put a pin in place to help hold.

BUT, poor little Edmund has a very severe hernia. So bad that the vet is not sure they will be able to repair the muscles and may have to insert a mesh screen to rebuild his abdomen wall. He wasn't born with this hernia like a lot of puppy & kitties, this was caused by the accident. Alot like how a human will get a hernia and their insides are now on the outside, his are the same way. The vet put them back in place and did her best to repair the muscles. Edmund will have a very long road ahead of him.

He is resting comfortably at the vet's for the weekend, with several toys to play with and all the kitty food he wants.