Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Indianapolis Kitty Needs Help!

Crash the 8 week old Indianapolis Kitty decided to try out a new Mustang. Unfortunately, sleeping on the engine was NOT a good idea. This poor kitty's legs got caught in the fan belt and the result was severe. Crash has two severely broken legs and a 6 week recovery in store. Southside Shelter desperately needs donations to offset Crash's medical expenses. Please consider donating.

If you are interested in adopting Crash, please contact Rosie at 710-3128

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angela said...

AS the foster mom of little "crash" (we prefer to call him Edmund, because he is foolishly brave) he is doing great on the 4th day of his long journey. He had his bandages changed yesterday by the vet, and is wearing a small newborn diaper to help with containment issues. Edmund is very alert and enjoying all the activity here in our foster home. He thinks he can get up and go play with some of the other fosters. Soon enough little one, soon enough.